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Originally Posted by suleiman View Post
I went through the samples. Its a labour of love for sure !

There are a huge number of non-velocity hits for many drums.
The cymbals are velocity based though.

Anyways I did a little something for those who cant wait.

Insert into a new project and just press play
Thanks suleiman,

This was fun to check out.... Nice !!
I enjoyed what you did for the test here.

Side note:
Every sample in my collection is recorded raw and unprocessed.
I approached this project as if someone miked up the entire
drum kit and was starting from scratch (raw/unprocessed).

About velocity and/or non-velocty hits:

I did include a small amount of velocity hits for crash cymbals due
to the fact that we need those for texture/expressive purposes
under every circumstance (Even when dynamics is not a priority, but,
randomization is).

This non-velocity package is aimed at creating drum beats
that do not require a large dynamic range, but do require
lots of randomization to keep things fresh.
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