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Getting the theme to look like the original was the plan, only bigger wo da blur, only smile'ness here.

When WT did the HiDPI theme, I did not have a 4K either but I also went, must see must see now! on a 1080p.. enourmous'ness humongous on that.

Just that you have to chose bigger fonts on 4K and all the good side-effect of that is a good reason by itself, and just making a same sized (visually) circle in an image editor feels like cheating or something, just better, -, sharper,- stronger (Da Funk)

It's not like you would need a 1080ti/Vega for 4K DAW use, not sure if I would have upgraded if my vision was beyond help of glasses though.

I hope this is the year because it really is the year outside of REAPER and you don't have to add your wife/kids/house/dogs/cats (all but the RME ) on Ebay to get 4K either, 50% off, summer deal.

This is not the only theme that can be scaled with good results I can tell you. &
Justin have not said no or even close to hell no, for Vector.svg support thank gawd, it feels more like matter of time and how to best do it and the commit thing'ie if the what ever plan sound good and I have no clue how complicated or how much work something like this would be when it comes to programming, maby the scariest thing they would ever have done in 10 years? no clue..
I am not worried though for some reason, and i've never seen Justin wear glasses now when I think of it.

Btw, since you are in france alot, go to the top of the eiffel tower and thy shall see the horizon better/quicker.
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