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Well, no one asked!

With 7zip installed, right mouse on the theme and extract here, you can move away the ReaperThemeZip for now.
Go to the Paulie folder and open rtconfig.
On top, make it:
version 4

tinttcp 958 ; tint panel=958 tint panel+label=959
peaksedges 1024 ; aliased wave forms=1024 anti-aliased wave forms=0
- - -
Menu on top, show action list, type: theme, select: Theme Development: Show theme tweak/configuration window, Run.
Look for media item label font, it should be calibri size 9, change to what ever you want and hit save theme.
You can make an action or something for that thing, you will need it.

I have set in preferences, media, to hide media labels when the lane is less than 222.

Just ask if my answer was to lazy.
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