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Default Reaper and Audiobox VSL1818 template

Since Presonus has discontinued support for the VSL software, and they refer you to your own DAW for signal routing, did Cockos make a template for use with the 1818VSL?

I really like my 1818VSL and would like to get rid of the VSL software and use Reaper only, but I'm not sure about routing especially since I use many VST synths, and only a few tracks for instruments.

I also know that channel 7/8 share the output with the headphone monitoring which is essential for "quiet" recording and monitoring. But I don't know how to do the routing in Reaper without using the VSL software.

Any light?

Also, a question for all you wood shop pros out there. The Audiobox 1818VSL has 8 in-puts, Should I make the track number in Reaper the same as the line-in? and set the VST's to tracks higher than 8? I'm not sure about tracks, line-ins, channels, etc...
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