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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
While everyone is considering presets/video processors, a simple YRGB curve editor of some type and a simple temperature control would be helpful. I now use (and love) Davinci Resolve for most of my video work but 1/3 of that could be back in Reaper if I could do some type of simple color grading beyond what is there now. I don't expect or want Reaper to be a mainstream video app but some basic color grading would be useful.
Hi Karbomusic,

a simple RGB color correction is already made from propianist:

That's of course not curves like in Photoshop but it helps a little bit. A true (graphical) curve editor isn't possible as the Video processor only offers parameter knobs. But an automatic white balance with temperature control sounds pretty cool and maybe it is doable.

The problem is that the video abilities of Reaper suffer from the fat base component of Reaper: Audio editing. Most people know about Reapers video but have no idea how to use it properly. There was no place where people could share ideas, knowledge and presets for video. SO it was time to create this sub forum.

The more people show interest, the more people get on focus and help to make video more important and user friendly. (Even if Justin has indicated that he's not really delighted about to much video action. )
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