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I would like to use the radial menu, without any mouse, using only qwerty keys, possible? If not yet, maybe in future then?

Example: Holding r with my left hand on homerow opens radial menu, then I will design my radial menus in such a way, I have at max or exactly 8 menu points each time, thus I can immediately select the right one with my right hand, the upper half, using u i o p, the lower half using m , . - (German layout). Basically the four upper keys above jkl÷ and four lower keys below jkl÷. Thus you can a quite powerful homerow attack vectors for triggering actions available in the radial menus.

If holding r opens RadialMenu1, there is no reason why t should not open RadialMenu2, in case the first menu is not big enough, the concept could stay same for right hand, left hand selecting which menu, right hand continuing from there. In its most craziest form, you could design 12 radial menus for left hand, then using 8 options for each on right hand.
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