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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
So I got the impression that you folks found Radial Menu pretty exciting. Prepare to need a new pair of underwear.

We've got custom colors. We've got adjustable everything. We've got context sensitive menus. We've got a pile of different action modes. We've got a sexy new setup script for getting it all, er, set up.

Oh, and this:

Yeah. That thing that Dora tells the fox not to do.

Radial Menu 2

This time it's personal. Ized. Personalized. This time it's per.... You get the idea.

Getting Started:

Not everyone likes as much text as I do. If that's you, here! Have a video!

  • Provides a pop-up "quick menu", similar to how most FPS games handle weapon selection these days.
  • Pretty much any Reaper action, custom action, or script can be assigned to a menu button.
  • Create as many menus, submenus, and buttons as you want. Well, 16 buttons per menu, but only a weirdo needs more than that.
  • Buttons for toggle actions (Options: Toggle metronome, etc) will light up appropriately if their action is toggled On.
  • Context sensitive; open a different set of menus when the mouse cursor is over the TCP vs MCP vs Arrange. There are over 20 contexts available, or you can opt for broader categories.
  • Buttons can be activated via Swipe gestures, just like answering your iPhone or trying to pick up strangers on Tinder. When swiping into a submenu, the window will be reopened at your mouse cursor.
  • Buttons can be set to repeat their action for as long as the mouse is held down - nudging volume faders, etc.
  • Buttons can be set to perform an action multiple times per mouse-click - "insert three new tracks", etc.
  • Both of these ^ can be combined, and are compatible with custom actions and user scripts
  • Buttons can also be activated by hovering over them with the mouse.
  • Buttons can have key binds assigned, for an all-keyboard workflow if you want.
  • Several different behaviors for the script's shortcut key.
  • Custom colors for every individual button if you really feel like going to the trouble. I wouldn't want to.
  • A handy-dandy setup script with a help screen, tooltips, and 50% more Vitamin C than the leading brand. Messing around with text files to change settings is for filthy peasants.

  • The script is available via ReaPack or, if you'd rather do things the hard way, download and install both of these scripts *in the same folder*:
    Lokasenna_Radial Menu.lua
    Lokasenna_Radial Menu Setup.lua
    (right-click the link, choose Save As, put the files in your Reaper/Scripts folder or wherever you want, then use the Load button in the Reaper's action list to find them)
  • Installing with ReaPack will also get you an example menu file that can be imported in the Setup script (in the same folder as the scripts). If you installed manually, grab the example file here:
    Lokasenna_Radial Menu - example settings.txt

  • By default, Radial Menu will look for the "example settings" file mentioned above, which is included if you installed via ReaPack. If that file isn't found, you'll have to run the Setup script and set up (see what I did there?) some menus of your own before Radial Menu will be of any use to you.
  • Assign 'Lokasenna_Radial Menu.lua' to the shortcut key of your choice. There are some technical limitations on WHAT shortcut key you choose - see below.
  • Holding down your shortcut key will bring up the menu, letting go of your shortcut key will close it.
  • Click on buttons to do stuff, or click any empty space (technically, anywhere that doesn't make one of the buttons light up) to go back to the original menu.
  • See the Setup script's Help tab for further explanation of the various settings. I tried to be thorough.
  • Seriously, look at the Help tab. I spent several hours figuring out how to make the text automatically wrap to fit the window; the least you could do is read through what I put there. :P

Shortcut key restrictions:
Because of how the script figures out what key you're holding, there are a few rules you'll have to follow.
  • Known to work: All of the English letters, all of the numbers, F1-12.
  • Shift+ will only work with letters - no Shift+3, or Shift+[, etc. I'm not sure about non-English characters like ''.
  • Ctrl+, Alt+, and Win+ should work with any key.
  • Certain keys/characters like tilde ('~') will open the window but not close it. I've been told it's an issue with how the OS passes those characters to Reaper, so you'll have to use something else. Sorry.
  • If the window is rapidly opening and closing, that's a separate issue that I SHOULD be able to fix. Please let me know what key combination you're using, and what OS you're on. Bonus points if you can install this script here, run it, and tell me what numbers it's showing when you press that key combination.

  • Reaper switches to a different set of key bindings when you're in the MIDI Editor. You can assign Radial Menu manually in the MIDI Editor's action list, or just assign your shortcut to Misc: Pass through key to main window. It'll use the same menus and settings either way.
  • Any Reaper action or script that takes focus away from Radial Menu's window will interfere with the key detection, causing Radial Menu to go "hey, you let go of the key!" and close. There's nothing I can do about this at present, so you may wish to use one of the alternate shortcut key modes in the Options tab.
  • Settings are stored in a text file right next to the two scripts. Feel free to edit it directly - there are instructions at the top of the file.
I'm setting radial up for context, when using as context can the menu be like the track menu in the default startup menu with one item opening the menu below the current menu.
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