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Default No longer a lurker, with a question

Here's my REAPER story.

I'm an Old Guy. Almost all of my multitrack audio experience has been with tape - anybody know what an MM1000 is (was)? I had a project studio in the '80s with a 1/2" 8-track, and have basically been waiting since then for computers to become fast enough and interfaces to become cheap enough to start recording again.

Yesterday, I hooked up my brand-new Alesis MultiMix16 FireWire mixer/interface to REAPER, and discovered that the day has finally come. Wow.

Mind you, I'm not a *total* digital newbie; I've used Adobe Audition for a couple of years, mostly for ripping vinyl and tape (all 2-track stuff). Indeed, I tried hooking Audition to my MultiMix first, only to find that my (1.5) version didn't support ASIO, so I couldn't do multitrack. Then I remembered this thing I downloaded months ago and never really played with. Downloaded the latest version of REAPER and was up and tracking in 5 minutes, without so much as looking at a help file. Outrageous! But the performance is what's really impressive, at least so far (haven't created a big project yet). I just can't believe how fast this thing is.

Okay, more praise to come, but maybe somebody out there can help an Old Guy with a (no doubt noob) question: bouncing tracks? I've now got 7 tracks of just drums laid down, and I want to mix them down to two (or a single stereo track), where I can then cut it up for loops. What's the best way to do this? Or should I do it at all; do "folder tracks" make sense here?

Thanks for any help, and especially thanks to Justin for this unbelievable tool.
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