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I haven't noticed any difference in sound quality. Art Evans, I believe, actually seems to specialize in orchestral music.
I'm using Reaper to prepare concert programs for broadcast on a major Australian city's classical music FM station. I'd also be entirely happy to use it for preparing classical CDs for commercial release.

But frankly the chances of you reliably hearing any statistically significant difference between the identically prepared outputs from any audio editing program of any serious standing these days is close to zero. If you can hear a difference the chances are that there is something wrong with your test procedure.

Actually I've just undertaken a quick test, mixing two files together first in Audition and also in Reaper. In both cases I used the "Ambience" vst reverb on both tracks (obviously with the same preset). I then inverted the output of one against the other and the peak difference between the two was +1 and -1 samples, which is the difference you would get from dither being applied to one mixdown and not being applied to the other - or between two dithered files maybe, the difference being just random noise. But on the assumption that the Reaper mix is undithered I'd turned off dithering in Audition. Not sure what the implication is there, but in any event the difference is insignificant.

[Slight qualification - Audition adds the reverb tail at the end of the mixdown/render, Reaper doesn't].

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