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Default ProcessDoubleReplacing modifications (vector double)


I'm changing double* to vector<double>.But getting expression result unused warning.

How to process like this?

void IPlugEffect::ProcessDoubleReplacing(double** inputs, double** outputs, int nFrames)
  // Mutex is already locked for us.

  std::vector<double> in1 {0};
  std::vector<double> in2 {1};
  std::vector<double> out1 {0};
  std::vector<double> out2 {1};

  for (int s = 0; s < nFrames; ++s, in1, in2, out1, out2)
    double Fs = GetSampleRate();

    out1 = Filter(in1, Fs);
    out2 = Filter(in2, Fs);

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