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Originally Posted by Meinardas View Post
UAD satellite OCTO (thundebolt) frequently freezes Reaper (or vice versa ).
When i work with UAD plug-ins on reaper projects it freezes frequently a lot!
Even when rendering projects! And there is no way to render longer song ( about 3-4 minutes ) without freez.
Mac OS mouse symbol Rainbow is continuously rotating all the time.
And the only way to exit reaper is to force shut down reaper in mac dock.

But when i bypass all of UAD plugins reaper works without any freezes.

And i tried to disable Antivipative FX processing in Reaper's preferences.
When i did so reaper cannot play any audio at all. So it cannot be deactivated.

I'm on MacPRO 2016; latest OS version - El Capitan v 10.11.6; latest reaper, latest UAD software.

Any thoughts?

And sorry for my English.
First, did you try to disable "extra buffering" in the UAD Meter & Control Panel software ? (It's in the "Configuration" pane of that software).
Or, if it was already disabled, enable it and see what happens in Reaper ?

Furthermore, would be indeed handy if you have acces to another DAW and check UAD plugins in that DAW.
If your problem presists in that other DAW, than we can rule out Reaper as the the problem.
Your problem has to be solved on a step by step basis.
So would be nice if you can rule out Reaper as the cause, first thing on the checklist.
Maybe try Adobe Audition as test daw ? You can demo Audtion for a 30 day free period i believe.
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