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Originally Posted by cjewellstudios View Post

Your scripts are a delight. I commented on your "smart template add fx chain" set of scripts back on page one of this thread and I had another idea to improve it.

You have a user option in some of these scripts to float the gui or not, which is awesome. I was thinking though, there are some plugins where sometimes I'd like to float the gui and sometimes I wouldn't. Particularly, when I'm adding a plugin to multiple tracks I'd prefer not to float the gui's.

Is there a way to add logic to these scripts that says: if more than one track is selected, do not float gui's?

That way if you are adding a channel strip type plugin to one track, it floats, but if you add the same plugin to 2,3, or 10 tracks, your screen isn't taking over by 10 floating plugins. What do you think?
In the script 'Archie_FX; Smart template - Add Fx chain by name for selected tracks.lua' replace this line
On this
    if countSelTrack <= 1 then

And in the script 'Archie_FX; Smart template - Add Fx chain by name for selected items or in time selection.lua' add the line
if CountSelItem > 1 then openFx = 0  end;
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