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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
Are you certain that the plug-in generates MIDI notes? Put a MIDI Logger after it on the track to check.

If it does, set the track to Record the Output MIDI (right-click the RecArm button for the menu choices).
Many thanks for your reply and suggestion, DarkStar.

Yes, 100% certain that I am generating MIDI notes: I can see, hear and edit them with about 4 VSTs I have experimented with so far.

As further proof of that, if I turn off or remove the VST instrument, the MIDI notes will no longer generate a sound (which is correct, of course).

I have also generated 'recorded' MIDI from my digital piano keyboard.

Finally, I have rendered all of these 'experiment' tracks (digital piano, drums, and several other keyboard VSTs) to audio.

So, no doubt that these are MIDI notes.

Please see the link below to a screenshot which includes the settings I am using, the VST (in this case MTPowerKit 2 drums), and the notes in the MIDI Item/lane.

Question 1:
Are you asking whether I am sure I am recording MIDI because when recording MIDI I should be able to input MIDI notes with this setup via my laptop keyboard, AND I should also be able to record MIDI notes by using the mouse or my fingers to tap the drum pads onscreen (as is my objective in asking about this)?

I am asking because I want to check that these three methods of input should all be possible.

Question 2:
Is the 'Record Output' option you suggest (by right-clicking the red Rec/Arm button) the same 'Record Output' option I get in the list of choices I get in the (second of two) drop down boxes when I right-click the 'In' button?

I have circled this button in red in the screenshot which you can access from the link below.

Question 3:
As I mentioned above, when I right-click the 'In' button I get two drop down lists, so I am presuming that the option I should choose would be 'Record Output (MIDI)' which is in the second list (accessed by clicking 'Record Output' - 'Record Output (MIDI)'?

Is this correct?

Thanks for your help with this.
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