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Experimenting: if I right-click on the red RecArm button, and change the setting to 'Record Output (MIDI)' I cannot record successfully using any method.

If I change the setting to 'Record Output (MONO)', I am able to record audio (i.e., an analogue waveform), and I am able to do it by using Reaper's Virtual Keyboard, AS WELL AS by tapping on the onscreen drum pads on the MTPower drumkit VST.

It is weird that I can use these two methods of input when in analogue recording mode, but not when recording MIDI (presuming that I should be able to input MIDI notes by tapping or clicking on MTPower drumkit's drum pads when the input is set to 'Input MIDI - Virtual MIDI Keyboard).

One thing to note is that the recording level using 'Record Output (MONO)' is lower than when using 'Record Output (MIDI)'.
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