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Sorry, but I couldn't see the answer to my question, so I'll rephrase it:
"Does the MT Powerkit 2 Drum VST plug in output MIDI when you click its GUI?"

A!: Not quite. To record MIDI from your laptop keyboard or the Reaper virtual MIDI keyboard ("VMK"), you need to select "virtual MIDI keyboard" as the MIDI input Device. To record MIDI output from a plug-in (e.g. by tapping the drum pads onscreen), the MIDI input is not relevant; you select Record MIDI (Output) from the menu. Hence my question above.

A2: Yes. Right-clicking the RecArm button gives access to effectively multiple menus, so i tend to use that approach.

A3: Yes, that's correct (but I do not use the default theme).

"Record Output (MIDI)'" will record any MIDI available at the end of the FX chain. The default for a VST plug-in is that it does not pass on any received MIDI, so its MIDI output would only be any MIDI that it generates. You can change that by right-clicking the [2/16 out] button to the top-right of the GUI.

'Record Output (MONO)' will record the audio created by the plug-in, no matter whether you trigger the plug-in using Reaper's VMK or tap the drums within the plug-in GUI.

presuming that I should be able to input MIDI notes by tapping or clicking on MTPower drumkit's drum pads when the input is set to 'Input MIDI - Virtual MIDI Keyboard).
-- as above, we need to ascertain if the plug-in generates MIDI (as well as audio) when you click it.
-- if the input is set to "'Input MIDI - Virtual MIDI Keyboard" then you could set the track to "Record input (audio or MIDI).

Perhaps a MT Powerkit user can help more, as I have never used that plug-in.
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