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Hi DarkStar.
Thanks for the continued help.

Sorry, I thought I had answered your question very clearly.

But maybe I am still not understanding what you mean.

Thanks for answering my questions.

One thing I should emphasize (and maybe this was not clear in my original post) is that I am experiencing not being able to record MIDI (unless I used Reaper's VMK) from all of the virtual instruments I have tried, not just the drum plug in. And, in addition to being able to record MIDI from the VMK, I can successfully record MIDI using my Roland digital keyboard (which has a MIDI controller in it).

Just to make it clear to me what I should be doing to test things as you suggest, would you mind just giving me a numbered list of what I should try (including the settings)? I am getting a bit confused trying to extrapolate from the messages.

I also have a question: if these virtual instruments deal in MIDI (i.e., data) only, why (as we have established) will these VSTs create audio when choosing 'Record Output (MONO)'? Does Reaper convert data into audio?

I also saw an answer to someone else's post on another site that sounded like the OP was having a similar problem, and one of the suggestions was to try
Prefs > Audio > Midi Devices > right-click device > 'enable input for control messages'

Would that have anything to do with all of this?

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