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TLDR: I do not think that the MT Powerkit 2 Drum VST generates any MIDI when its drum pads are clicked. If so, there is no MIDI to record. You will need to record the MIDI from your Roland or from Reaper's VMK.

Originally Posted by gvdv View Post
One thing I should emphasize (and maybe this was not clear in my original post) is that I am experiencing not being able to record MIDI (unless I used Reaper's VMK) from all of the virtual instruments I have tried, not just the drum plug in.
Understood. To find out if the plug-in generates MIDI:
-- create a new track.
-- add the plug-in and the JS FX "midi_logger" to the track, in that order
-- click the plug-in's GUI (on drum pads etc)
Do you see any MIDI notes in the Logger
If not then the plug-in does NOT generate any MIDI.

Here is one that does (son't worry that it sends two Note Offs for each hit, that is by design)

Originally Posted by gvdv View Post
And, in addition to being able to record MIDI from the VMK, I can successfully record MIDI using my Roland digital keyboard (which has a MIDI controller in it).
OK, but they are Inputs to the track. That is different from any MIDI generated by a plug-in, which is seen as an Output from the track. Hence the two different menus choices for recording the MIDI.

Originally Posted by gvdv View Post
Just to make it clear to me what I should be doing to test things as you suggest, would you mind just giving me a numbered list of what I should try (including the settings)? I am getting a bit confused trying to extrapolate from the messages.
I'll do my best. see above.

Originally Posted by gvdv View Post
I also have a question: if these virtual instruments deal in MIDI (i.e., data) only, why (as we have established) will these VSTs create audio when choosing 'Record Output (MONO)'? Does Reaper convert data into audio?
NO, it is the virtual instruments which convert MIDI data into audio.

Let's take the cases of playing the virtual instrument with your Roland keyboard. You have selected its MIDI as the Input to the track. So, the only input that can be recorded is the MIDI from the keyboard.

Now, that virtual instrument will convert the MIDI data into audio (and it may or may not output MIDI. So, if you switch to "Record Output (mono)" or "Record Output (stereo)" you can record the audio created by the plug-in. And, if you switch to "Record Output (MIDI)" you can record any MIDI created by the plug-in.

Originally Posted by gvdv View Post
I also saw an answer to someone else's post on another site that sounded like the OP was having a similar problem, and one of the suggestions was to try Prefs > Audio > Midi Devices > right-click device > 'enable input for control messages'

Would that have anything to do with all of this?
That option is used when you wish to use the MIDI Device to send control messages to automate things in Reaper. That is not relevant here.
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