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Default Choosing the right soundcard...


I've been using Reaper with a Terratec Phase 88 until now but i need to get mobile so i'm searching for a firewire card.

Basically i wanted a MOTU Ultralite or a Edirol FA 101 for their number of inputs and the presence of a MIDI interface.
Then a friend told me i should rather buy an analog + firewire mixer like the Alesis Multimix. Good advice since it gives possibility to record at home and mix a live performance. Now my problem is i didn't find a mixer with a midi interface (except Yamaha N12 but it's quite expensive and does not include FX). Also do these mixers allow to record all inputs at the same time?
And what is the phantom 48v good for? Just condensator mics?

Can anybody help me out what kind of mixer to choose ?
Every thought would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers from South France.
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