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Default Reaper for live performance.

Hello Reaper community!

First of all i'd like to say that i really love this DAW. Being a cubase user for about 10 years by now it took me few hours to be able to use reaper quite confidently. I'm still using cubase on my studio-pc, simply because i know cubase inside out and it is a great DAW, but it is pretty slow, regarding loading time. This is very important to me, because we use a multi-channel-playback system during our gigs (our band's name is Sariola), that also switches presets and setting on our amps and fx devices via MIDI. So i was googling for a good stable and quick daw and found Reaper. Installed it on my macbook pro, exported the needed multitracks from cubase, created a Reaper project, imported all the audio tracks, created and programmed markers and midi commands, made click tracks for backup and that's it. I programmed the markes such way, that our drummer only needed to hit space each time he wants to start a song. So we played a gig and reaper did a great job. Another thing that's reapers great advantage is the loading time. Vubase would need like 2-3 minutes to start without even loadin a project, while repaer needs 3-5 seconds to load start AND load the project which is around 4 GB large, so even if the Macbook would crash it would take about 25 seconds to restart it and start reaper! The only DAW that i know that could load so fast is FL Studio, but it doesn't run on Mac and is not as easy to configure for our needs.

Now i'd like to know if anybody wants to share their expirience using reaper in live situations. Any tips or tricks?

I'd also like to know if it is possible to configure a view of the project so the reaper "operator" could see the markers as big track buttons for isntance, or something similar? This would be very handy if for any reason the playback would stop or jump to the wrong marker (human factor, for example).

If anybody wants to know how exactly i configured our live setup just ask!

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