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Default Audio processing in processDoubleReplacing works relative to host playhead?

I have a plug-in that simply reads audio into a buffer and currently also does a Hamming window on it, then outputs it.

What I noticed in my current implementation is that my plug-in seems to only work when the input file starts are aligned in the host exactly at the sizes of the buffers. In this case 1024 samples (or 2048 or 3072 and so on).

See picture in attachments. It's like my plug-in works _relative_ to the host sample position and not based on how many samples of input audio it got. The 3rd track is simply the first one moved forward and the 4th is the plug-in applied to that one. The 4th track cuts track 2 exactly at the amount of samples that's the difference between tracks 1 and 3.

Any ideas? I'm pretty much just reading nFrames in.
I was thinking of whether I need to check for silence or something and not read anything to the buffers if the input is just silence.

Is nFrames == 0 when there's no audio?
Are the in** and out** buffers empty or what if there's no audio input?
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