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Thanks for reply, X-Raym. You already did a lot for extending REAPER capabilities and your opinion important for me and for this thread of course.

I`ll answer quickly to your questions for not to spend your time
Common scripts header ?
I don`t really think this is important for user, because he don`t care what is inside code. So it is only techical needs for updater. I think, I`ll update all current scripts in repo by adding this header. And also future stuff must have this header (at least main info).

Common integrated changelog format ?
Also agree. It will hard to remember initial release date, but I`ll try to do that also.

Common GitHub or simple Spreadsheet ?
Udpater, Browser with individual ressource download or Full Pack Downloader ?
I note you never give user direct link to script he needs, but write approximately this "Download links : See my signature!" which means "Download all my stuff and find what you need".
Here my thoughts didn`t changed and they still closer to SWS kind of sharing.
So, GitHub only as hosting for the whole repo, and some installer, which will:
1) download and unpack repo to /Reaper/Scripts/
2) add manager to extensions
3) while installing let user choose scripts to add to Action List by author/category/single (like Waves installer) and store these settings for future updates
to make install process being simple for end user.
Future updater (can be "silent") can use check/uncheck system to download all repo, but add to Action List only couple of scripts, for example only envelope scripts or scripts only from spk77 or just some checked scripts and keep them up-to-date (but actually whole repo should be updated).

Focus on JSFX/ReaScripts or all kind of ressource ?
For this moment I suggest to concentrate attention only around scripts, and if it will be supported by community and if it will grow up, we`ll should think about another things (JS, OSCII-bot, Theme stuff maybe).

what is wrong with underscore in scripts names
My habbit to use underscores was born only because of more readable github links (which is stupid I guess). It is also makes action list looks worse. So here is no problem, <author_script name.lua> format is OK for me.

I also tried to implement somehow download/unzip actions with Lua os.execute + command promt (natively with w7+ powershell) / terminal (natively with curl), but for now with no luck.
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