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Originally Posted by xpander View Post
Please just don't throw away your PC yet, it's fine.

Yes, I did use that benchmark project, but I was obviously not too clear about the FX I actually used. It was the regular ReaComp, not the heavier standalone ReaXcomp like the original project had. Reason for that was that I changed it already earlier for some of my personal tests to make it more like real life use I have here. Since the tests in this topic are not about benchmarking the computer hw and referring the results to others, I didn't bother to change it all back to what the original benchmark project had. Not my intention to confuse with the specs, sorry about that.

But for your peace of mind I did run the same project with standalone ReaXcomp, though only using the current Reaper release. With that, I can have 36 instances without dropouts and noise, about 40 with occasional glitch. Strength of Reaper, I can activate up 120 instances and while the noise is certainly not acceptable at all, Reaper still responds to everything just fine without freezing...RT CPU at 96% at that point.

FYI, my motherboard is AsRock Z87 Extreme4. There have been some PC hardware benchmark topics around, maybe we can continue in one of those or make a new one for that if needed?
Thanks for the clarification!

To be somewhat useful to this thread, i did not notice any difference in performance between the versions. I made some very heavy stress tests, and it both performed the same.

Win10, Reaper x64
Buffer sizes from 32-1024
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