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Default some needs/ideas...

heres some ideas for reaper.
1. on paste.....unless i'm missing something ....
i dont se a paste feature where i can paste at specific time points down to
maybe an option in prefs if checked...
paste asks for specific time point either ticks or hh/mm/ss/msecs to paste at.
(might be usefull for folks doing foley to picture...)
2. is there a pitch shift option for midi tracks ??
3. it would be nice if i was in another midi sequencer and copied
to the windows clipboard if rpr could then retrieve from the win clipboard and paste
into a rpr track.
4. complex/odd time signature support in midi.
5. a way to generate drum fills in a midi drum track (channel 10).
ie...while trak playing i hit F on the pc kbd and a drum fill is created on
a special drum fills track.
6. some sort of advanced noise gating would be nice.
without resorting to a plug in. eg...noisy guitar amp tracks.
7. an audio clip/track reversal feature...for special fx.
8. a sample replacement feature.
eg...i have a audio track (wave) with kik samples on ....
i call up a dialogue (with preview)...and ask rpr to replace
each sample with a new one i specify from a pool of samples.
this would save a heck of a lot of time in manual work.
and would be easier/faster than trigger to sampleomatic.
just some ideas.
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