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Default ReaEQ: Parameter Link, "Scale" reference value is wrong

Trying to link EQ band gains of two ReaEQ instances, in reverse. So that setting one to +6 would set the other to -6. Seems this can't be done. I got close by setting the Link Offset and Scale to -100%. However, now the slave Gain is not set to -6 but to -3.5. And setting the master to -6 makes the slave go to +7.9.

As I played with the Link Offset and Scale sliders, it seems as if the Gain values are not referenced to +0dB, but to 0V, since:
Master at +0dB, slave goes to:
-6dB (scale at 50%)
-inf (scale at 0%)

From user perspective the current behavior is pointless and useless. Scale at 0% should result no deviation from the default value, which for an EQ gain is of course +0dB. The expected behavior would be:

Master at +6dB would set slave to:
-6dB (scale at -100%)
-3dB (scale at -50%)
0dB (scale at 0%)
3dB (scale at 50%)
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