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Originally Posted by Never View Post
If we put a semicolon in front of that "Front" command like this:
It will tell REAPER to disregard and leave the z order alone, thereby
drawing the foldercomp button and folder indicator on top of the
track index. Now your foldercomp button works, and the tracks dissappear like expected, but the track number of the parent is not visible. Well,
I guess it's kind of a tradeoff isn't it.
This was a great idea Never, thank you very much! The semicolon fix is actually the best solution possible for me as I don't really look for track numbers but rather track names. The fact that this mixer layout has a wide track name label is one of the reasons I use it so the trade off in this case is barely anything to me.

Again, thanks for the suggestion! I'm attaching a couple of screenshots just for archival purposes in case someone else is in need of this.
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