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Default If wishes were fishes

I wish there were some videos on Reaper theme editing and creation. I've found one or two but they don't really seem all that relevant today. I want to customize some of the themes I've downloaded, like Default_Analog 1.8 and Concerto 1.0. Anyone have any suggestions for a newb like me? Most of this is somewhat cryptic and not explained very well, and this is a web designer talking. I've tried messing around with the rtconfig and dragging it back into the zip package but I don't see any changes happening when I switch themes.

EDIT: I have managed to make some changes to the default theme but custom themes seem much more tricky. I changed an image in the Concerto theme and made a new .ReaperThemeZip file. When I dragged it into Reaper the UI went mostly white and seemed to revert to a default theme of some sort. I tried it again, this time starting with the original Concerto zip file, and it looked more like the theme but was still pretty messed up. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Question: Why is there a folder and another archive within the archive file, both containing the same content?

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