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Default Help before I finish albums 5.

Greetings friends,

I am closing in on finishing album 5, and I am seeking some advice before I put it out for those who might listen to it and the rest. I do have some background to provide before moving to the help request. Being I have this obsession of writing songs and recording them, I have relied on information here and elsewhere with little available free time. I started out not knowing how to record, mix, and master and my own; however, I have progressed in that area with each album sounding better than the one prior. For instance:

Album 1: Where You Are I Shall Be: is indicative of my having no clue what I was doing: recording hot, not fully grasping mixing levels, and over compressing. A few still like the album believe it or not.

Album 2: Philosophical Observations: my heaviest and loudest. A bit more clearer than the first. Still recorded hot.

Album 3: Maladies: smoothed it out a bit better.

Album 4: Locked Doors Open Rooftops: FINALLY learned to incorporate high and low pass filters, and FINALLY learned how to use a delay and reverb bus.

I record with EZdrummer (MK Power Drummer for the first three), a Yamaha DGX-650 (which is used for piano, keyboards, sound effects, AND bass guitar), I also run a guitar processor straight into a PreSonus USB for all guitar parts; I experimented with amp simulators and just didn't like them. My microphone is directional--perhaps a laughable idea, yet a loud truck passed by once, and the mike did not pick it up while recording vocal parts. PLEASE don't judge my work on the mediocre to bad vocals. I have tried to get a vocalist, and this has proven quite a pain. I am not making money off of these, so I am content to let them stand as bad as they sometimes/ often are.

1. The mono mix has sounded quite good for this present project, and with the bass guitar being recorded through the Yamaha, do I even need to compress it (I have all other times)? At present the bass guitar sounds excellent.

2. I love piano. Any tricks to make this sound better? A very tough instrument to get right.

3. How and where do I find reference tracks? I have never used them, and I keep hearing them mentioned as essential. I am a Prog snob if that helps.

4. These are the main three for now. I probably will add others as I think of them.

Thank You in advance.

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