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Default Lets Get the Linux Version out of the Expermintal Stage (UI Features)

I have a few proposals to add in order to get The Linux version out of the very long experimental stage. I think the main thing holding Reaper back on linux is the control over the UI, I know you can do this via the libswell colortheme & it's great to have so much control over the colour of menus & reaper plugins compared to windows. But would it not be possible to bring the integration & control over the UI more in line with macos?

There are so many great dark gtk3 based themes for Linux & it would be a real nice feature to have Reapers menus & plugins to follow whatever theme is used on the Desktop Environment, following font size, colour & DPI just like other gtk based applications.

If this isn't at all possible right now (or ever) then at least having some form of integration in the preferences for switching hidpi UI scaling on or of & control over the UI_scale in the reaper.ini & libswell. I don't mind too much having to customise the libswell-user.colortheme or the reaper.ini but not everyone using Linux is prepared to do this. So some stripped down libswell colour tweaking via the preferences or theme options in Reaper would definitely be much more ideal. There is a scaling option in the preferences but this only scales the UI & not the menu fonts, which is usually done within the OS itself so unless Reaper can be setup to follow gtk theming, along with the OS DPI settings, I think it's important that these options are available in Reaper rather than editing scripts.

I know hidpi scaling on Linux is a bit of a mess right now & this isn't helped with the many different DE's there are. I've tested xfce, Gnome & KDE & Reaper does scale well with xfce & Gnome but unfortunately they only scale to 200% & they don't have fractional scaling like windows. KDE has fractional scaling but for some reason Reaper wouldn't auto scale in KDE. There is an experimental fractional scaling option in some Linux OS's for Gnome but it uses xrandr which kind of works but it renders the cursor tools in the arrange view & also plugins extremely small. I'm currently using i3wm which is a tiling window manager with no scaling features & for this reason I'm setting the scaling in Reaper manually via the reaper.ini but it would be nice to have this feature built into Reapers preferences.

It would also be nice to be able to use the many great lv2 plugins there are natively in Reaper but I understand that this might be a big ask. So better UI scaling gtk integration & or libswell customisation within Reaper itself would bring the Linux version of Reaper more in line with Windows & macos & out of the shadows.
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