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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
SWELL on Linux is not GTK based, it is GDK based. So you can not apply GTK themes to it.

It is already too much in Linux in attempt to bring it "in line with macos". And I hate every single thing that comes from this "line" (systemd, cups, gnome3 behavior and wayland... all come from there and all are crap, not only in current implementation but also in design).

Not even scaling by OS does not look good. OS independent. The simplest solution is to not use super high resolution tiny monitors or super high resolution TVs to look at them from many meters. At least till 4K is as "standard" as FHD now, so all applications adopt.

BTW that was again Apple who told people "hey! look at my 9" tablet with more then FHD resolution!"...

Yes I always get gtk/gdk mixed up & I did think that this might not be possible. This is why I think the libswell colortheme customisation along with the scaling from the Reaper.ini should be somehow integrated into Reaper itself for the Linux version rather than having to manually edit files. IMO as long as something like this has to be done manually outside of Reaper it will always be in the experimental stage (as stated on the official download page).

But don't get me wrong I'd rather have this feature than not have it, I spent a bit of time lastnight customising my libswell.colortheme to look more like my desktop theme & it looks so much better now than the generic grey coloured reaper menus & reaplugs.

When I say more inline with the windows & macos version I'm talking about Reaper itself not Linux as an OS. But I'm in no way a Linux purist either & have no problem with systemd, cups, gnome3 etc.. If you don't like it you don't have to use it. I just don't like windows at all, have used & liked macos but Linux is where it's really at for me & I'm really glad to be back after spending a good few years on macos. I just love how much control I have over my system now.
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