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Default MK_Colored_Stripes v2 (Paulie mod, Sonar and PS inspired, HiDPI)

Hi guys!
I'm finalizing my theme, this is a modified Paulie, but flatter, clearer and with some of my “innovations”, lol. As references and inspiration, I used Sonar and Photoshop. The FHD version is completely fine with me, but I don’t have the opportunity to test the HiDPI (x2), I don’t have a 4k monitor. I will be glad if you help with testing.

Like the original Paulie theme, you need to install a couple of fonts (in the archive). Also, I put few my SWS color profiles for tracks and items and custom cursors.


- Adapted position of buttons and track faders. All elements can be accessed even with a minimum track height.
- A huge invisible button to compress/expand tracks in folders.
- Many different layouts for separators.
- Tinted tracks - optional layouts.
- Click-proof TCP faders.
- Lots of fine lines, fine, elegant grids.
- Own set of mouse cursors, which are clearly visible on a light and dark background.
- Own MIDIColorMap
- This is not a designers theme, but it is a theme that is constantly in work. I tried to do everything for convenience and comfort - you will always see elements, dividers, highlightings and selections. At the same time, some minor details are in the background, so as not to tire your eyes.



MCP, different layouts:

Arrange view:

Folder button and adaptive TCP elements:

Coloring notes by pitch/channel:

Coloring notes by velocity:

Custom Cursors:

MCP Show/Hide folders:

Download link:

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