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Originally Posted by Nonlinear View Post
I have started working with iPlug2 coming from iPlug1. My approach - and advice - is to compile the iPlug2 examples and then work in your existing code. Simply copying and pasting iPlug1 .cpp/.h files won't work.

Also suggest you update your OS and move up to Xcode 10+. You will need that for Mac OS Catalina. Might as well take the leap now rather than struggle with it later.

I almost think that newcomers just starting out "fresh" with the latest iPlug2, Mac OS and Xcode have an advantage of not trying to move and re-learn everything. It has been a bear for me.
I downloaded IPlug2 branch and tried to compile IPlugEffect in debug mode. It compiled but can't open any DAW.

I tried in Release mode but not even compiled.

I put all dependencies to their location but no luck.

What i'm missing?
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