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Default Reaper PC user having issues with new Mac setup

I've used Reaper on PC for over 10 years and I'm not used to having problems with it. But I am having a tough time trying to get it to work on my new Macbook.

I have it set up seemingly correctly. Both the Mac and Reaper recognize my Quantum 2 interface. I have a drum VI set up on one track and I'm getting levels and playback from Reaper to the interface without a problem.

But when I try and record audio, I get visual levels on the interface meters (both hardware and software) but nothing visually or audibly within Reaper.

The track is record armed with monitoring turned on. I've tried using line level and balanced inputs on different tracks with the same result - no audio coming into Reaper.

This seems like such a basic problem, maybe as a new Mac user I'm missing something? I hooked up the same interface to my PC today and it works perfectly as it always has. Very frustrating. Does anyone have any advice?
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