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Originally Posted by sammydix View Post
I really enjoyed this, esp because of the "it is what it is" vibe.
What turned out to be a cool accident, though, is that I have one of those Atmospheric programs (a prog that randomly plays thunderstorms, the crackling of a campfire, rain, cicadas, etc). It plays very lowly in the background, and it was going thru a rain with occasional thunder phase while this played. Took me there.
Dude! that's a wonderful accident! I could totally hear that song playing in the background while driving on a stormy night I need that app!

Originally Posted by msundh View Post
Damn your voice is so good!!
This kind of song is where you are at the best.
There's a few spots the first 30 seconds where you can tame the guitar (more than a bit) Too raw
Thanks! Yeah, I enjoyed writing that little piece. It was supposed to have more instrumentation and a nice, clean production.. But I think this is where this song is at.

Yeah, I could clamp the guitar's compressor a bit harder in the softer parts .. As a matter of fact, I'll just do that thanks for the hot tip!
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