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I'm not an expert on this, and someone more informed might be able to clarify, but I think a saturator will produce considerably less aliasing if you run it at a higher sample rate, resample the input up to that rate, and resample the output back down afterwards, providing the input signal is relatively low frequency compared to the rate the saturator runs at and the resampling process has suitable bandlimiting.

This is essentially what plug-ins do when they offer an anti-aliasing setting. However, doing on the whole mix, rather than on a plug-in by plug-in basis, reduces the amount of sample-rate conversion that has to be done, which has got to be preferable from a sound quality perspective.

Edit: I think I read somewhere that Line 6 oversample 8x in their guitar processors though, so perhaps the benefits of upsampling to say 96kHz or even 172kHz if targetting 44kHz, might be limited.
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