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Ah, that's actually a clue. It's possible the Slate plugins are not unloading all of their resources properly, so the scan process is equivalent to trying to open all of the plugins at the same time. Eventually some resource limit is reached and the next plugin fails to load.

I know it's a pain, but what I'd suggest is running the scan process until it completes. Then open the REAPER resource path (you can do this from within REAPER: Actions > Show REAPER resource path in finder), and open reaper-vstplugins64.ini in a text editor. The plugins that failed scan will have lines like this:

With nothing after the hex code. Delete the failed-scan lines, save the file, and reopen REAPER. The scan process should then skip over anything that already scanned properly, and rescan only the ones that failed. If this theory is correct, you may be able to get everything properly scanned by repeating this process.
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