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Originally Posted by MRMJP View Post
This plugin might be able to help guide you on your end:

You can't "mix in 24-bit" really these days. Any modern DAW will increase the bit-depth to 32-bit floating point or in REAPER's case, 64-bit floating point (if you set it that way) as soon as any audio processing occurs. People often mistake the "recording bit-depth" setting for the bit-depth of the mix engine. Two different things.

So, if you plan to do any digital processing (even a tiny gain change), you'll need/want to dither at the VERY end of your processing chain, sample rate included.

It sounds like whoever mixed it already made a "bit" of a mess on their end, and there is no way to tell if and how much sonic damage that did without hearing it, but you can still do best practices on your end.

I understand that, and thank you. Thats why I was puzzled on what to do. I have never been in this situation before. I was not sure if I could add dither, and if it would help at this point.
I have listened to what not using dither sounds like, and I can hear it in these tracks.
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