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Originally Posted by Jeffos View Post
=> some code branching tips
The 2 following code lines do the same thing (where "cond1" is a "boolean"):
spi1 = condi1 * slider1 * spl0;
condi1 ? spi1 = slider1 * spl0 : spi1 = 0;
According to some (old) Justin's post, I was thinking that 1) was the fastest one. In fact, CPU monitoring shows that that fastest one is 2) (Reaper v3.06pre7).
I really don't understand why! If a dev read this post, can he just confirm/say why (very briefly) ?
I think it depends on what condi1 refers to.. If it's mostly 0, then 2) should be faster. Other cases, the difference becomes less I'd think.
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