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IControl.cpp (629) You are right, I have implemented this long time ago when there where no AfterGUIResize.

IControlGroup.cpp(67), IControlGroup.cpp(83) When GUI resizing is active you must hide controls trough GUI resize class. I will have to find better solution for this... This will be definitely be changed in the future.

IControlGroup.cpp(216) numberOfControls += controlProps.GetSize(); could also be numberOfControls = controlProps.GetSize(); Gets number of attached IControls in a group

IGraphics.cpp(549)(564)(588) This also needs to be changed in the future. For now if you attach GUI resize you will always have last 3 controls occupied by it.

IGraphics.cpp(1099) - IGraphics::IsDirty() This is very stupid. I have done this to quickly fix some drawing glitches and forgot about this. I will check this out!

I will think about changing this names.

No, thank you for suggesting improvements! I really appreciate this. We all should collaborate to improve IPlug IMO.
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