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Thanks for your replies, everyone! DrumReaplacer 1.0 is sort of finished except for the sample rate conversion and I'm rather pleased with how it works (so easy to use compared to previous versions).

Originally Posted by teej813 View Post
'round robinity', i'm not so familiar with. but i like it!
Me too : ) Actually I'm having a hard time deciding what to call that slider. What it does it that it controls how many other samples that has to be played before the first sample can be played again - to avoid the machine-gun or typewriter effect in snare fills, for example. Has anyone got an idea for a name?

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
I don't think so ... but it sure would be awesome if Justin put in a JS hook to Reaper's SRC!
+ 1 for that, would be great indeed.

Originally Posted by Finnish View Post
Where can I find more info on this? How to use samples etc..?
Any info (and the DrumReaplacer 1.0, when finished) will be posted here. For now the samples in the source file has to be separated by a few milliseconds of digital silence, but I'm thinking about having thresholds as an option. I've been kind of busy lately (kids, work, beach volley...) but I'll post an almost finished version shortly.

Originally Posted by nym View Post

will the internal sampler allow you to edit start/end point and pitch?
also, will the new drumreaplacer still allow you to use other software via midi, or will it exclusively use its own internal sampler?

good work.
Start and end points will be found automatically (see above), but maybe there should be a "timing"-slider so you can adjust the timing of the hits backward or forward in time? (To be used only if you want the hits to be played earlier or later than in the original signal...)

DrumReaplacer 1.0 will not send MIDI, but if you need that functionality you could still use the 0.6a version, right? And I'll probably make a simple audio to MIDI trigger based on the DrumReaplacer code, but I'm afraid it'll be some time before I get around to doing that : (

Sample rate conversion, sample rate conversion, gotta get that sorted out now.

- Jonas
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