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Default Reaper Linux VST3 is stealing 8 pixels from me (FIXED)


I'm one of the devs on surge ( and we actually have the VST3 version of our plugin working on Linux. Reaper works almost perfectly with Linux VST3 and the nightly of Surge

But it seems when we display the VST3 in Linux, our plugin gets clipped by about 8 pixels. Almost like the whole thing is being drawn in a rect which is .offset(4,4) or something.

there's an issue with screenshots and so on.

Is there something about the Reaper VST3 implementation which changes the sizing? Is there something I should do in my code to compensate for this? Is this a reaper bug? (Is it a surge bug?)

These are all questions I'm not sure of the answer to, but the Reaper surge users tell me that this forum is super friendly and the devs are responsive, so I figured i would ask it over here and see if you have any ideas.

Thanks for your consideration!

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