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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Thanks for the marketing D!

The included JS/dither_psycho also does a fine job, use it the same way, as the last effect on the master (with the master fader set to zero).

The JS plug is of comparable quality to other good commercial built-in dithers (eg. pow-R). The commercial version is, well, better.
You are very welcome Schwa. I ain't just puffing smoke though. I absolutely love this dither and as soon as I am able I'll send you some moolah for the paid version. Gotta keep you fed so you keep creating cool tools...

Oxy, it's all in that thread mentioned above. In your Master FX slot, drop in a limiter set to 0 dB then drop in Psycho-dither. The options then are up to you. I set it to 16 bit output and when I'm happy with my mix I render to 16 bit. Done... and like I said, the beauty of it (IMO) is what I hear in Reaper is what I hear on my finished wave file when dropped on a CD. Fewer guessing games...

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