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No way I'm reading all of ^that

Did you install any drivers what so ever for your audio?
That should be your big clue right there. If I did or didn't install "drivers"... they *did not* come from Reaper, they were either built in to the OS (class compliant) or they were written by the maker of the device itself NOT Reaper. If there is MIDI to be had, it matters not from whence it came, it should show up as a MIDI device to the system which then shows up in Reaper's MIDI device list.

Here is another example, Soundbrenner Pulse. The maker of the device is taking care of the BTLE side of the house (because they are responsible for communicating with their device) and presenting a MIDI device to the DAW:


DAW Tools
Soundbrenner DAW Tools for Mac OS X was created for our advanced users. Just start the app and it will show up as a MIDI Clock destination in your favorite Digital Audio Workstation. It will automatically adjust the tempo of the Soundbrenner Pulse to whatever you set in the DAW
AFAIK, it isn't available in Windows just yet since BTLE support is new in Windows. That's not the DAW's problem to solve.

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