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Originally Posted by Airal View Post
That's good to know, most people get butt hurt pretty quick when someone tells them their wrong. I guess you are more mature than you look
I look like my overdrive pedal per my avatar but telling me I'm wrong doesn't make me wrong.

I didn't see you state anything technical so I didn't bother replying in a technical way.
The point that Soundbrenner appears to do exactly what I suggested - there is nothing stopping the maker of device X to create a driver that just handles all of this and presents a standard MIDI device to the OS. That's just basic separation of concerns 101 which is quite normal and expected in programming - it's not something I made up.

Unless there is no other choice or a breaking reason such as latency, it would be inefficient for every DAW to write code to access MIDI data just because it travels over BT when the maker of the device could write the code once and serve everyone which is the method most hardware uses currently - again unless there is no other choice.

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