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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
While I don't doubt this, C# and .NET have not been designed with realtime in mind, but for "office"-type of applications.

Hence neither a good choice for drivers not for DAWs, when latency is a decent issue. (Nor is any non-native code.)

(This is not just an impression, but a friend of mine support a system that ia to process hundreds of telephone calls in a single box, and needs to do this using a huge count of threads. He did some research regarding .NET and declined to use it. Regarding DAWS that can be used for live performing, the latency demand is even 10 time greater.)

Yes, that is the draw back of .NET. In fact, for some things it's quite fast when used right and you can also split up the time critical parts and write them in whatever you want then link them in to .NET. So it's not a total loss. .NET is also not great for graphics(well, maybe wpf). But like most things, there are workarounds if one wants to put in the effort.

Again, the world isn't perfect. I'd prefer everything written in assembly. It could be done. Train people properly, stop pursuing things for $$$ and simply do them right from the get go. You can wrap assembly in higher level routines(which is exactly what a HLL does anyways) and abstract most of the complexity. Make it object oriented, etc. Of course, with my logic one could say we should write directly in Hex. Ideally, that would be the way to go... but I think assembly is a good balance if we had the proper tools for it.

The problem with modern society is that when an inch is given a yard is taken. The faster computers become the more crap is added that slows them down forcing people to upgrade to repeat the cycle... the problem is that it never seems to end.
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