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Originally Posted by lamacchiacosta View Post
I would like to be more specific and ask if there is a more precise tool, where I can insert the distance between the microphones and what polar pattern I am using so that every technique will sound different with different depth of field?
Ambisonics is a coincident recording/playback technique for 3d audio. So it won't add any delays or phase-shifts when encoding signals. With your spaced main-microphone pair, you already have those direction dependent delays in your recording.

So when you encode the microphone signals, they will automatically sound different when you use different polar patterns, different distances between the microphones, or different angles between the microphones.

When encoding you simply simulate how it would sound if you'd play back the mic signals over stereo loudspeakers, placed at the directions where you encode the signals. I doubt there's a (good sounding) tool to get more spatial information out of the two mics. With adding reflections, or full reverb, you can of course add some information from different directions.
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