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Originally Posted by ReaDave View Post
I guess you're talking about using their software standalone and not via REAPER?

How do you find the quality of the Zylia? I've been curious about it since they first announced it. What's it's noise floor, spacial resolution and frequency response like?
No, I want to record in Reaper in order to later on encode to 3rd order ambisonics. The stand alone application seem to enforce identifying a limited number of sources to separate, as if there is a small acoustic band surrounding the mic. I rather want to do field recordings that I can work with later on in O3A.

As for quality the fact that it is 3rd order makes a big difference from first order. The trams Nets are not as good as with first order, but the increased spatial resolution makes it worth experimenting with , and I guess I am still 8n a process of getting to know the mic, itís potentials and limitations.
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