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Originally Posted by jm duchenne View Post
About the ZM1 quality, I am mixed since I always find the RAW recordings very good, but as soon as I try to encode and decode it, there is always a loss of sound accuracy, mostly in transcients and high frequencies, and a higher background noise.

Of course it depends a lot of the sounds, and ambiences can be rather good.
The worst for me is with Zylia's ambisonics converter, and the best with Sparta Array2SH, but I am still waiting for something that will be able to preserve the original sound of the microphone...

Trond, I am curious to know how you deal with this since you are a specialist in this domain ?
Thanks for the feedback. Iíll test this out regarding monitoring. I agree that there is nothing to be done to the recordings with the Zylia, but I still like to be able to monitor in order to get an impression of how (and if) it works, check for errors, and get an impression of how the recording translates while being able to listen to the site if the recording in situ.

One thing I have found is that the Zylia seems very sensitive to humidity. I have on a few occasions experienced that one or two of the mica are glitching when humidity is high. This gets resolved when the mic is in a dryer conditions again.

I have not used the Zylia enough yet to fully have an impression of how it works and the quality of the recordings. My impression is also that it will have less transients than e.g. a DPA4060 mic. I have found with the SoundField SPS200 as well that the encoded signal loose some openness and transients as compared to the raw mic signals. I suspect that this is the downside of the kind of averaging between many capsules that ambisonics encoding does.

One thing that I find makes a huge difference is to use Sonarworks to compensate for headphone or speakers in order to get as flat a frequency response as possible during playback.
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