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Default Sound control curtains?

My music room is 10 by 14 and I am treating it based on Yep's recomendations. Since I have things against most of the walls and corners I'm going to put 4 OC 703 panels on 3 way corners of the ceiling/walls, 1 more OC panel on a 2 way corner of the ceiling/wall, my 6th panel split in 1/2 placed on the early reflection points of the side walls.

My back wall is a wooden door to a hall way and sliding closet doors, these take up almost the entire width of the wall. Inside the closet is a file cabinet and music gear (i.e. no clothing).

I'm thinking the next think to treat is the back wall reflection. Would sound control curtains hanging off of the back wall in front of the closet be useful?

Something like:

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