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Originally Posted by Goldreap View Post
Hmm, your offset seems to be about a quarter of a 64th note which is still much larger than the tick offset I was talking about. So maybe it's not what I was suggesting.
Out of interest could you check how far your item start is off the grid? Is it the same as the notes offset?
I want to say that item starts were offset at some point, but poking around older versions of the file hasn't yielded any concrete examples.

This may be magical thinking, but at the beginning of the project I laid down guitar audio tracks. The guitar starts on the first down beat, and initially I had the guitar audio item start trimmed to the 1. I then dragged the guitar audio item start slightly left (by a dotted 32nd) of the 1, opening it up so you could hear the slight string attack that precedes the 1. So maybe when I added my first MIDI track item I aligned its start to the offset guitar audio start, and that started the misalignment?

Again, I seem to have fixed it by applying the following to each MIDI track: MIDI editor, select the option View > Piano Roll Timebase, and select Source Beats.

When I did this, everything dutifully snapped in place. Then I glued all the MIDI items together for good measure. Per your feedback, I went back to the Piano Roll Timebase, and re-selected Project Beats. So far, so good.
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