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Originally Posted by mwe View Post
I decided to play around with this a bit and I'm kind of sorry I did. Here's what I think is happening.
The time selection runs from 0 to 14.97327555821019 secs on the timeline.

The 'Intro' region runs from 14.97327555820975 to 45.32796373675119 secs and is 30.35468817854144 sec long.

The two overlap by 0.00000000000044 sec. The tempo marker at measure 9 is at 14.97327555821 seconds and is in this overlap area. When the time selection is deleted it encroaches into the 'Intro' region, zaps the marker and shortens the region to 30.35468817854100 secs (our 0.00000000000044 second overlap).

I will now join you in dining on my brain but I suspect I'm going to walk away hungry.
Can I do somenthing to avoid that manually?
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